Selling Your Home in Cary, North Carolina? Do This First!


If you’re getting ready to list your home, you have to prepare the house to sell first. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a home seller is to leave your house unprepared for sale. Preparing your home entails cleaning it from top to bottom, clearing clutter, organizing personal belongings, and fixing any broken or damaged parts. You’ll also want to make sure any lawn space is mowed and the curb appeal is in tip top shape. Ready to dive into our seller-prep tips? Let’s get started.

1. Declutter

Did you know that decluttering your home can have a direct impact on the sale price? Studies have shown that a decluttered house actually gets you 3-5% more. That’s a big difference, especially considering the prices of Cary homes right now. To declutter your house, you’ll need bins or boxes to sort donation items, items that can go into storage, and items that you want to keep. You’ll also need trash bags to get rid of trash and to recycle and shred old paperwork you no longer need.

First, clean up any and all items littering the floor or that have been misplaced far from their rightful homes. Do all laundry and take out all existing trash. Then, go room by room and throw out easy things you know need to get tossed (expired medication, old soaps, and toiletries, excess papers). Donate any clothes with holes to stores that will upcycle them.

2. Clean

You may think you need to upgrade or remodel different parts of your home, but a deep clean may be all that you need. First, gather the basics: rubber gloves, microfiber cloths, Softscrub, a multi-surface cleaner, vacuum, mop, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, floor cleaner, tile cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and duster.

First, dust, mop, and vacuum the whole house. Then, go room by room and give every surface a deep scrub. You’ll want the place to be as clean as a five-star hotel room would be right before you come to stay.

3. Organize

All of your items should be organized in a neat, thoughtful way. You may think that storing boxes under the bed or shoving excess clothes into closet crevices will work but think again. One of the best things you can advertise to buyers is great closet and storage space. Any clothing or items that can’t be stored in drawers and out of sight should be donated or put into an exterior storage unit.

4. Quick Fixes/DIY Projects

You’ll need to mend any visible broken parts in your home. Is your light fixture cracked? Replace it. Grout stained black in the bathroom? Clean it.  A missing knob on the kitchen cabinets? Make sure to find a matching replacement. Make sure there are no visible cracks in the paint and holes in the walls. Go through the entire home and catalog any damages and whether or not you can fix them yourself.

5. Stage

Add pops of color with pillows and fresh cut flowers throughout the house. Use natural scents, like lemon or orange, to make your house smell amazing. Take away all personal touches and leave tasteful elements like a bowl of oranges in the kitchen, a book of art on the coffee table, and a vase of flowers in the entry way.

6. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is one of the most important parts of your home selling prep because the front of your house is the first thing buyers see when they pull up! Use a pressure washer and power wash the driveway and exterior. Make sure all exterior lighting is functional, hedges are trimmed below the windows, and the lawn is mowed and green.