Whether you are watching your kids say goodbye to another year of school, scheduling a major home improvement project, or just looking forward to some much-deserved time hanging out on the porch. These to-dos will help get your home and yard in shape so you can fully savor the months ahead. Make summer easy by getting your home and outdoor gear in shape now!

  •  Paint your home’s exterior. If you are planning to have your home painted this year, the warm, dry weather makes summer the ideal time.
  • Check for cracks in the foundation. Take a walk around your home and check carefully for cracks in the foundation, even a small crack that doesn’t pose a structural threat can let in water and pests.
  • Clean the gutters and consider gutter guards. Keeping dry brush and leaves out of your home’s gutters and downspouts is a must to keep your roof in good shape. But did you know there are ways to cut down on or even eliminate cleaning? Gutter guards can be installed over your existing gutters to keep leaves and organic matter out, and if you are starting from scratch, you can have a roof designed without gutters altogether.
  • Stow school gear. Inspect school gear and decide whether to stow it for next year, donate it or toss it. Label and store meaningful artwork and school papers, and get rid of the rest.
  • Get outdoor gear ready. Prepare for having the kids home for summer by adding something fun, like a tire swing or new sprinkler attachment. Dig out all the old beach and outdoor gear and check to make sure it’s still in good shape; restock as needed.
  • Repair and seal fences and garden structures. Keep wood fences, gates, arbors and pergolas in good repair for many years to come by adding a fresh coat of paint or clear wood sealant each summer. Also make sure trees and shrubs are not growing too close to fences. 
  • Streamline the kitchen. Take a day to box up some of the stuff in your kitchen cupboards that you rarely use. Store the box in an out-of-the-way closet for now, but if you find you don’t miss it, consider donating or selling the contents.
  • Put in screen doors. Screen doors are a must in areas where mosquitoes or flies are an issue. If you haven’t installed yours yet for the season, now is the time.
  • Set up a beach-towel drying spot. Instead of tossing wet beach towels directly in the washer, allow them to dry first. The sand can then be easily shaken off, instead of clogging up your washer and dryer.
  • Wash the washer and dryer. Run an empty wash cycle with white vinegar instead of detergent. Carefully clean the rubber areas around the washer and dryer doors, plus inside the doors. If your washer or dryer has sand inside, allow the appliance to dry completely, then vacuum the interior using an attachment.
  • Lighten up decor. Making a few simple decor swaps is a great way to welcome the new season. Try lighter pillow covers, a new art print or a piece of accent furniture made from rattan or sea grass.
  • Switch the direction of fans. If you use ceiling fans and haven’t done so yet, now is the time to flip the switch so cool air is directed downward.
  • Make a summer to-do list. Don’t let the summer slip by without savoring your favorite seasonal pleasures. Sit down now and make a big list of all of the summery things you want to do this year, whether big or small.
  • Enjoy some porch sitting. Make a point of squeezing in a little time to sit on your porch with a cool drink or a cup of hot coffee for a few minutes each day. It’s relaxing and a great way to catch up with neighbors as they pass by.


From everyone at Town & Country Realty, we wish you a safe & fun summer!