Preparing your home to sell is a crucial ingredient to selling quickly!  This preparation is known as “home staging” – making your home cleaner, brighter and less cluttered. 

First impressions count!  Here are some tips for a faster sale of your home.

  • Roll out the red carpet for potential home buyers.  Spruce up your entryways.  Welcome mats, planters filled with seasonal flowers, and clutter-free foyers and hallways set the stage.

  • Sell the space, not your stuff.  Remember that the goal of a successful showing is to make the prospect feel at home – like it is theirs, not yours. Less is more: open up your space so prospects can actually see what they are buying.

  • Paint & elbow grease work wonders.  Fresh paint and a thorough cleaning will give you the greatest “bang for your buck.”

  • Go with the flow.  Arrange furniture for easy traffic flow.  Consider placing a major piece of furniture at an angle.  Angles add interest.

  • See the light.  Move lamps to dark corners and open window treatments.  Brighter is better!

  • Go green.  Live plants can add decorative flair without spending a bundle.  Plants and cut flowers have a way of warming up a room.

  • Don’t forget the outdoors.  If you have a porch, deck or patio, clean the furniture and replace worn cushions.  Breath new life into your deck with a fresh finish.

  • Make the kitchen sparkle.  De-clutter the countertops by removing toasters, food processors, knife blocks and other non-decorative items. 

At Town & Country Realty, our Staging & Design Consultant, Sue Montpetit, is prepared to help you highlight the wonderful features of your home.