1.) Change linens and move your mattress. Strip & vacuum the mattress plus  wash all of the bed linens. Include comforters, duvets, bed skirts & pillows!  Set linens in the sun for extra freshness and plumping.  Next, extend the life of your mattress by flipping the mattress and/or rotating the end at which you lay your head to distribute wear. Humming the song 'I like to Move It' helps too.

2.) Window Inspection with a rarely used tool. Start by vacuuming windowpanes, drapes, blinds, and then finish with the window tracks with the rarely used, soft brush attachment. Also, inspect your weatherstripping for damage  & replace that section of the stripping. Good weatherstripping can reduce your home energy bill by about 30%.  Add this to the shopping list.

3.) Inspect exterior doors & Insulate. Check weather stripping along the bottom and sides. If can see sunlight or feel a draft, you might need to replace the weatherstripping. For extra insulation, pick up a draft stopper to install along the bottom of the door. These typically cost $10-$15 on-line or at your local hardware store. 

4.) Check/Clean Gutters.  Gutters become bombarded with leaves and other debris during colder months. The cleaner they are, the better your home will fare during the winter.  For one story ranches, carefully remove all of the dirt and clutter from your gutter with you gloved hands.  Hire a reputable, insured gutter cleaner for the taller houses.  www.HomeAdvisor.com

5.) Clean Patio Furniture and Store It! It's good practice to clean patio furniture before storing. Different types of furniture require different levels of cleaning. Inspect for stains on cushions, flaking paint, chips and cracks.  Decide which items need to be re-purposed or donated and store the rest.  

6.) Dust Ceiling Fans and Clean Light Fixtures. It doesn't take long for dirt to create a film and dust bunnies to attach to ceiling fan blades. Use stepladder and steady hand with a Swiffer Duster or a Can of Air.  Follow-up with an all purpose cleaner/Windex and a final wipe with a microfiber cloth or dryer sheet to get every last speck of dust!  

7.) After all of your hard work, enjoy this gorgeous fall season and perhaps a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is in order!  Congrats, Well Done!