Summer is in full force and even into the Fall months, hosting parties outback or even just relaxing with the family is a very popular activity. You can't have guests over though if your outdoor space isn't in tip top shape! Here are some ideas on how to spice up your patio space.

  1. Benches: Adding some benches makes seating cozy and comfortable
  2. Fire Pit: Whether you plan on roasting smores or just staying warm on those cool summer nights, the sound of the crackling fire makes for a relaxing vibe. 
  3. Matching Furniture: Get rid of your "hodgepodge-y" chairs and get a patio set that really ties everything together.
  4. Hanging Beds: Balcony swings provide fun and relaxing seating that the kids are sure to love
  5. Lighting: The right lighting is important; consider stringing lights around your patio or placing gas lanterns out.
  6. Outdoor Counter: Serving food and drinks couldn't be easier that if you had this outdoor counter space to set everything up.
  7. Adjustable Fan: Just in case those summer days start to feel humid and sticky, install a fan to circulate the air and keep everyone cool.
  8. Poolside Table: Instead of running inside for snacks as you drip water all over the kitchen, set out food, drinks, towels, and music on your poolside table.
  9. Shade Trees: Bring in some nature with large trees to block out the sun if you are looking for something a little more different than the typical canopy.
  10. Citronella Candles: You can never have too many of these as we all know bugs, mosquitos, in particular, are the absolute works when you are trying to enjoy some time outside.