We know moving into a new home is a major ordeal. It's a big job, but the earlier you start getting everything organized, the easier the transition will actually be. You may need to do a little bit of editing depending on your situation, but we have compiled a general schedule that should help you get the ball rolling. 


8 Weeks Before

☐ Call moving companies for estimates.
☐ Throw out any unnecessary possessions.
☐ Start compiling an inventory of your possessions.
☐ Get a floor plan (with room dimensions) of your new home to help you decide which furnishings you want to keep and which room they will go in.
☐ Start a file of moving-related papers and receipts.
☐ Locate schools, healthcare professionals and hospitals in your new location.
☐ Arrange to transfer your children’s school records and family medical records.


6 Weeks Before
☐ Choose a mover and sign contract.
☐ Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent about coverage for moving and secure more, if necessary.
☐ Contact insurance companies (auto, homeowner’s, medical, and life) to arrange for coverage in your new home.


4 Weeks Before
☐ Create a file of important papers, such as auto license, registration documents, and title; any medical, dental and school records; birth certificates; wills, deeds, stock certificates, and other financial documents.
☐ Notify the following of your change of address:
☐ Post office
☐ Banks
☐ Credit card companies
☐ Relatives and friends
☐ Insurance agent, lawyer, tax/financial advisor
☐ Magazine subscriptions
☐ Notify utility companies of date to discontinue/transfer service and/or establish service at your new home. Also arrange for final readings and bills, including refunds on prepaid services. (Electric, Heating, Internet Service, Natural Gas, Telephone, Television, Trash Collection, Water, etc.)
☐ Notify your state’s department of motor vehicles of your new address.
☐ If moving from an apartment, arrange for refund of your security deposit.
☐ Discontinue additional home services (housekeeper, gardener/lawn service, snow removal, and pool cleaner), if applicable.
☐ Start using up things you can’t move, such as perishables.


3 Weeks Before
☐ Make travel plans, if necessary.
☐ Make arrangements with condo or homeowner’s association to reserve elevator usage time if moving into or out of a high-rise building.
☐ Arrange to close existing bank accounts and open new accounts in new area.
☐ Arrange for child care on moving day.


2 Weeks Before 
☐ Arrange special transport for your pets and plants.
☐ Contact your moving company and review arrangements for your move.


1 Week Before
☐ Pack moving-essential boxes—important documents, travel clothes, personal items and prescription medications.


2–3 Days Before
☐Confirm all final arrangements with your mover and other service providers.