Here are 12 annuals guaranteed to be heat-proof! These beautiful flowers are a great addition to any yard as they will continue to give you that gorgeous look all through the extra sunny days. 

  1. Blue Print Scaevola
  2. Aztec Sunset Mexican Zinnia
  3. Luscious Lantana
  4. Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper
  5. Raspberry Blast Supertunia
  6. Serenita Mix Angelonia
  7. Sun Patiens
  8. Flambe Chrysocephalum
  9. Dragon Wing Red Begonia
  10. Fireworks Gomphrena
  11. Duet Rose 'n Yellow Moss Rose
  12. Snow Princess Sweet Alyssum

To ensure that they last throughout the summer, consider trimming any of your petunias that look like stragglers, reduce plant height, harvest flowers, use half-hoops to support a clump of plants, use steaks to support single stems, and always be on the lookout for powdery mildew. While these plants may be able to withstand the scorching sun, also make sure to keep them well-fed and watered.