With Halloween right around the corner, you definitely don't want to break the bank too soon into the upcoming holiday season. Here are a few DIY ideas sure to grab your neighbors' attention. 

1. Flying Ghosts

Inexpensive little ghosts can be made from blown up white balloons with black duct tape faces. Drape with gauze fabric and you have the perfect decoration for your front porch or outdoor trees.

2. Eyeball Wreath

Looking for a spooky yet cute wreath for out front? Wrap a black boa around a cheap wreath and attach bloodshot eyeballs found in every Halloween section. Still feel like it needs a final touch? Add a black bow to the bottom to give it that extra pizzaz.

3. Bloody Footprints

All you need for this idea is red, washable paint, and an eager volunteer! Simply step barefoot into the pant and carefully walk, as to not drip or drag your feet. Create a scary trail to your front door or maybe a spooky skeleton in the corner. Make sure you bring the paint with you in case you need to re-dip your feet during your "travels." (Pro tip: place a towel at your destination for easier cleanup!) 

4. Punny Tombstones

If you've thought about a graveyard feature, consider making tombstones out of plywood, spray painting them a dingy grey, and adding some "punny" names. Here are some great headstone ideas:

  • Emma Goner
  • Wee G. Bord
  • Al B. Bach
  • Dee Cayen
  • Izzy Deadyet
  • Yul B. Next
  • Cross Dover
  • Ira Gret/Nora Grets
  • Barry DaLive

5. Pumpkin Bonfire

Want the look of a bonfire without having to watch the flames all night? Simply place some battery operated candles into any pre-cut, fake pumpkin. Stack the pumpkins into a pyramid-like shape, border with wooden logs, and voila!