Preparing your home for the market can feel like an overwhelming task. Our take on it? Start with the outside, and work your way in. Trulia’s Real Estate 101 blog post, “21 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Selling,” has a wonderful to-do list of items to consider, but lists curb appeal last. Often, curb appeal can be a deciding factor for potential buyers, so why put it off to the last moment?

This time of year when plant growth isn’t as chaotic is a great time to get ahead on yard work. Take advantage of a warm day to trim stray tree branches that impede the view of the house, or give your front door and mailbox a fresh coat of paint. If your bushes are mature and a good trimming will leave the plants completely bare, it might be time to replace.

A tip from the pros? Make sure shrubbery doesn’t reach past the bottom of first floor window sills. Being able to see windows’ full height makes a home look more polished.

Since there won’t be as many bright flowers in season, look for ornamental kale to place in planters on either side of your front door. It’ll to draw attention in, and, as a native plant, it will weather whatever North Carolina winters throw at you.

These are just a few pointers; there are a hundred different ways to tweak your home for a perfect street view.  For guidance on where to start and how to make your home photo-ready, give us a call at 919-303-9800, or email