8 'Curb Appeal' Pearls to Capture the Cary Spring Home Market


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Use these 8 curb appeal tips to wow the Cary buyers to your home 


 Of course we all dress appropriately for an important interview.  We also want to do the same when selling our houses.  It's all about the first impressions, those first few seconds that buyers decide if the home is something they can see themselves living in and want to see more.  For this reason, it's important to put the proverbial best foot forward starting at the curb.


1. The Curb: Be sure to have the entire length of the curb power washed from property line to property line; this is in addition to the driveway, sidewalk, patio, deck and house.  The goal is to make the entire drive-up experience heavenly.  Sparkly clean curbs are a sight to behold.  What if you don't have curbs?  Sweep & blow the street and if needed, add a top coat of mulch or pine straw to transition between the street and lawn. 


2. Tidy Counts: Buyers love to see orderliness and extrapolate this to regular house maintenance as well.  For this reason, store the excess toys, neatly wind the sprinkler hose and march the wheel barrow to the backyard.


3. Lively Landscaping: Even the plantings at the mailbox need to be perky and weed free.  Crisply edge the lawn and all plant beds.  Add a fresh layer of mulch and remove any lower tree limbs that might be blocking the view of window and doors. Complement the mailbox flowers with a couple bright pots of flowers at the front door as well.


4. Perky Paint:  Double check that the front door and trim are clean and in top notch condition.  Repair any wood rot.  Take a step back and double check that everything along the house that is seen from the side walk is also in top not condition and clean.         Then, check the full front of the house, is all of the trim squeaky clean, caulk intact along with windows, siding and trim in tip top shape too?  We want the buyers entire experience to the front door to be welcomed with magnificent maintenance.


5. Lawn Art:  Store the lawn alligator for the new home and the travel gnomes for the backyard (limited to one please).  We want the house to 'sell itself' with the focus on the gorgeous windows and stately yard.  A pretty birdbath or gazing ball in the backyard is always appealing.  We love to stage with a few key pieces to keep the buyers focus on what stays with the house.


6. Luxury Landscaping: When in a subdivision, it's expected to have a stately front yard and slightly more personal landscaping in the backyard.  For this reason, all backyard vegetable gardens will need to be weeded and inviting; brick paver edging that's even; along with sheds that look ready to host a picnic gathering.


7. Neutral is the Norm:  Yes, we have seen a storm of monochromatic colors lately and this continues to be the safest for a quick sale.  Look to new construction to see the current palette of soft trim colors paired with earthy siding and handsome shutters.  Add the pops of color with carefully placed ceramic pots, patio furniture pillows and flowers.


8. Updated fixtures: If light fixtures are showing their age, wear and tear; look to replace these to add more brilliance.  When available, the newer LED light fixtures can frequently be found at the same price as well.  Upgrading the energy efficiency is another marketing feature we like to point out to buyers.   


Feel free to call Town & Country Realty 919-303-9800 for additional help with marketing and staging your home for this years spring market.