It’s just four walls and a roof, right? Wrong. Walls don’t make a home -- instead, it’s a mix of personality and comfort!


Budgeting for a new home should always take into account what’s not already included in the purchase price. Most homes do not come fully furnished (or with a preferred color combination, for that matter), so be sure to think about design and furnishings before inking a deal.


Here are some popular design trends to consider for the new year!


Formal Dining Room Making a Comeback?

If Ellen is to be believed, media rooms and home offices are taking a back seat to formal dining rooms! Does this mean more families are logging off and instead choosing to share a sitdown meal together? Maybe, maybe not, but we’re excited about the prospect!


Two-tone kitchen cabinets

No, we’re not suggesting having a wood trim and pastel paint job like your family’s old station wagon. A common trend nowadays though, according to Houzz, is keeping your kitchen cabinetry clean while still mixing in some contrast. We think it’s beautiful!


Statement mirrors in bathrooms

Are medicine cabinets a thing of the past? Instead of mirrored workhorses, many interior designers are opting for a stylish overhaul. That means more mirrors that showcase flash and flair rather than storage functionality.


Going Neutral

Is it a continued shift toward minimalism or just a color trend? According to Jan Showers, speaking to Architectural Digest, there’s a preference in neutral colors -- bone, eggshell, ivory, and the like -- relative to overall design and coloration.


What do you think? Are these design trends in line with your preferences, or are they a little off the beaten path? Let us know on Facebook!